Cave survey software

CaveWhere is a cave survey software with an intuitive design that enables building and visualizing underground cave maps. Using it’s advanced 3D engine, CaveWhere automatically morphs your 2D cave notes in 3D. Loop closures re-morph effected scan scraps automatically so your map is always up-to-date. With CaveWhere survey-book like data entry, quickly enter your cave data or import it from Walls, Survex, or Compass. Once you have a quick working map, export it! CaveWhere fills step between cave survey and drawing the final map in Illustrator or Inkscape. CaveWhere can export hi-resolution cave map to PNG, JPG, SVG, or PDF.


The Process

1. Survey Cave!

Hopefully it’s goes. CaveWhere loves big caves, but it handles small ones too.

2. Enter Data

Using CaveWhere’s survey entry tool, scan your notes and enter data directly. Carpet your scraps by drawing a polygon and clicking survey stations.

3. Visualize

Render the map in 3D viewer. CaveWhere visualizing both plan an profile map in the same 3D renderer.

Quick Working Maps

Is your cartographer to slow? 

CaveWhere can produce hi-resolution working map in seconds. Using tile based rendering algorithm, CaveWhere can render to any paper-size at any resolution. This means you can export large areas at high resolution in a image, PDF or SVG file. Since source of export comes from 3D view, any perspective can be rendered. This includes plan, projected profiles (from any angle) and oblique views. When using multiple views together, CaveWhere automatically scales and lines up profile. Checkout this video on creating quick working maps.

Lead List

Explore it all

Most cave maps used for future exploration. CaveWhere can help with that. With CaveWhere’s lead list, never lose a lead. Leads can be listed and sorted, by dimension, description, and distance to a station. They’re also visualized in 3D and easily hidden when completed. Check out this tutorial on lead lists.