CaveWhere can import survey notes from a PDF document

CaveWhere now supports importing PDFs for notes. Most survey trips produce multiple pages of notes and some scan their notes in as PDF. A PDF can keep all the raster notes together in one file. Currently, CaveWhere 0.09 only supports a variety of raster image formats like PNG, JPG and webp. Unlike 0.09, the development version of CaveWhere now supports multi-page PDF. CaveWhere will automatically convert these PDFs into raster files. By default, the PDF files are converted at 300ppi. This resolution is a good balance between disk space and quality. You can change default resolution in Settings->PDF. Since PDFs also support vectors, this new feature enables you to import your vector art, too.

If you’re interested in trying this out, you can build from source with pdf branch or become a Patreon member and get early access binaries!

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